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Taking your interests, and the time you have available, Liz will put together a proposal tailored for your enjoyment.
Special interests can include: Art; Veteran Cars; History; Estancias; Shopping; Museums; Railways; Crafts; Architecture; Antiques; Military; Naval; Vineyards; Soccer; Golf; Parks, Squares, and Gardens.
The tour can be taken walking or in a chauffeured car, or minivan.

For example, we can offer you:

Winery Visit with Wine Tasting, and City Sights. (6 hours approximately) at the charming Bouza vineyard. Excellent wines, good food, followed by some of the sights  of Montevideo.

A Round of Golf at the beautiful Cerro Golf Club, just 20 minutes away from the port. We’ll provide everything  you need.

Personalised Walking tour: 2 - 3 hours
Cost per hour
Up to 4 people
US$ 120
Each additional person
US$ 20
Additional hours per group
US$ 50

So, for example, the charge for a 2-hour walking tour for 6 people would be US$ 160.

Driving Tour

In the case of the driving tour, Uruguayan regulations require us to give you separate prices for the transport and for the guide. So if you decide on this tour, we will provide you with these prices, according to the length of the tour, type of transport and so forth. You will pay the transport costs directly on the day of the tour. Please use our Contact Us page to request an individualised quotation.

Tell us what interests you, we’ll design a tour for you, and send  you a quotation, depending on the number of people in your group.

These prices do not include entrance fees for winery visits, ranch visits, green fees etc. We will include these in your quotation.

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